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Photo/Video License Agreement for Editorial use ONLY­­­



This agreement grants to ________________ (hereinafter referred as the '________________') located at: _______________________________________________ single use, non-exclusive

rights to use photo/Video materials for editorial purposes ONLY at '_______________________' publication. permit to use photo/Video materials for '________________' without any restriction as to changes, cropping or distortion, alteration in consideration of US    $_________ payment
(Number of images x $24.99 - full resolution or x $9.99 - 400x600 pix. low resolution images/videos without watermarks for Internet usage). You must seek an additional license for any other or future uses for those images/videos.

Please note: this is NOT a work for hire agreement. photographers/videographers
(hereinafter referred as the "") retain ALL copyrights and publishing rights to the images/videos.

This license is for the following images/videos:

Source: 2001-2013

Exact description of Photos/Videos: hi-resolution, JPG (QT .Mov) files or
low resolution files without watermarks (approx. 400x600 pix) for Internet/Presentation usage.

All photos/videos shall be accompanied on publication by credit line as follows:
Photos (Video):


              __________________________                          ______________________
                       Signature (full name)                                              Date (mm/dd/yr)

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